Protect Your Home With These Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

Protect Your Home With These Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

Protect Your Home With These Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air, and with warmer temperatures comes the need to clean. As you landscape your yard and declutter the garage, keep in mind that these chores can do more than simply spiff up your home. When you think of them from the perspective of home security spring cleaning, you’ll not only make your home cleaner — you’ll also make it less of a target for thieves. Crime tends to increase as the temperatures do, so it’s time to get prepared.

Our 4 Favorite Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Pay Attention to Your Windows

Do you have coverings for your windows? If not, it’s time to install some. A recent study showed that homes with vertical blinds installed were 6 percent less to be the target of a burglary. It doesn’t matter what kind of window coverings you choose, as long as they do an effective job of obscuring the view inside your home. Take time to go out to the street and walk around your yard to see how well your window coverings work.

In addition to window coverings, home security spring cleaning includes giving special attention to cleaning your windows. This will ensure that you can see clearly out of them, as well as ensure that dust and debris don’t accumulate on sensors and create false alarms.

2. Check Your Security Cameras

Home security spring cleaning is also the time to give your security cameras a once-over. If they’ve been moved or become obscured by anything, they can’t function properly. Check all of your camera angles to make sure you have a full range of visibility. This includes interior cameras that may have become blocked by new furnishings or misaligned when they were whacked by something thrown by a child.

The same applies to exterior cameras. Make sure the lenses are clean. Also, take time to trim away any trees or bushes that may have grown high enough to obscure any camera views. While you’re landscaping, make sure to cut back any plant life that’s growing close enough to doors and windows that could provide an easy access point for thieves.

3. Pay Attention to What’s in Plain Sight

As you clean and reorganize, think carefully about where you place things. This means not moving computers, jewelry, or other valuables to an area where they’re visible from a window or glass door. It also means taking care when you clean out your garage. We’re not referring to getting rid of old, no-longer-used items. Rather, we mean getting rid of those large, empty boxes that accumulated over the holidays when you received a new video game console or purchased a huge flat-screen TV for the living room. Placing these boxes out for curbside trash pickup sends a clear message to thieves about the kinds of items that are up for grabs inside your home. Make sure to break down those boxes and conceal them within garbage bags before placing them with the trash.

4. Maintain Appliances and Security Devices

As you move through your home security spring cleaning checklist, make sure to include your appliances and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Cleaning dust and debris out of appliances can help prevent fire hazards. Should a fire or carbon monoxide emergency occur, making sure your detectors are clean and batteries up to date will ensure you receive an immediate warning.

Also do a check of your doors, windows, and locks to make sure everything is working properly. Another item on the checklist should be to do a check on all of your motion detecting lights and bulbs to ensure that they’re working properly and not in need of replacement.

Once you’ve finished home security spring cleaning, your home will not only be a spotless place for you to relax and enjoy the warmer temperatures; it’ll be a place where you can feel safe and secure.

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