Our Complete Guide to Designing Custom Business Security Camera Systems

Our Complete Guide to Designing Custom Business Security Camera Systems

Our Complete Guide to Designing Custom Business Security Camera Systems

Although it may be daunting for business owners to map out a surveillance plan in the current climate, there are business security camera systems and custom video surveillance programs that make it simple to implement effective security measures.

Whether your organization is large or small, public or private, entrusting a professional surveillance company to design a system that addresses your security concerns is the best way to ensure every potential risk is accounted for. Fortunately, with professional strategic planning, modern surveillance technology now has the capability to help fill security gaps — with enhanced features ranging from thermal imaging, built in analytics, and active threat detection and tracking.

At Viking Security, we understand your urgency in better protecting your customers and employees. Investing in modern business security camera systems, you now have the power to capture the evidence you need to ward against unwanted access. Surveillance solutions are never one-size-fits-all, and depending on your concerns, our team can walk you through the best camera systems and surveillance plans for you.

There is a better way to protect your facility, staff, customers, and assets. Plan out your surveillance and business security camera systems with a professional today.

Identifying the Right Business Security Camera System

Although camera systems are more accessible and readily available, there are still many factors that come into play when planning robust business surveillance systems for your facilities. Whether you are a government institution that requires discrete options for indoor monitoring or a small organization that needs fixed outdoor surveillance, you need reliable surveillance solutions that help keep your institution safe day and night. Fortunately, in recent years, you now have the added benefit of enhanced features that provide superior levels of surveillance.

With an understanding of your surveillance needs, our professionals have the professional experience to design business security camera systems with bullet cameras, panoramic, thermal, explosion-protected, portable, and positioning cameras. Our systems are scalable, easy to integrate and improve security with sight, sound, and intelligent analytics.

Keep your business safe all day and night with our variety of services that are guaranteed to keep your assets as protected as possible.

Easily Alert Authorities with Video Verification

Video Verification is a cost-effective tool that adds an extra layer of security to your existing business security camera systems. With Video Verification, once motion is detected, your camera records the event and triggers an alert that notifies your video monitoring center. With real-time monitoring, you now have a faster way of being notified. Reduce the likelihood of costly false alarms with immediate footage view, and determine whether the alert is a potential threat.

Once the footage is confirmed, our Video Verification technology helps you shorten authority response time by providing live confirmation of a crime. Using the two-way voice feature, you can even have dispatch centers listen in. Video surveillance is a proven security solution that provides greater protection by reducing break-ins, theft, property loss, and insurance claims, with higher priority response. Deter crime, and increase on-site security, with Viking Security and a video system that provides quicker dispatch response times and comprehensive business protection in the event of a potential threat.

Convenient App-Based Surveillance Management

With advanced mobile surveillance equipment, surveillance management has never been more convenient. You now have the ability to check real-time HD video feeds, respond to alarms, and receive intrusion detection notifications from your back pocket. Even if you aren’t on-site, you’ll have the power to limit or grant access, control locks, thermostats, and lights. Connecting, sharing, and managing your video business security camera systems across devices has never been easier. Always know what happens on facility premises, and when they happen, by taking advantage of app-based security management.

With mobile surveillance, you can ensure effective monitoring even at the most challenging locations. Whether you need to protect against equipment theft on your perimeter or monitor parking areas and access points directly outside, mobile surveillance provides the awareness you need. Carry a window into your property at all times, no matter where you are, and make immediate decisions that maximize protection.

Dependable Surveillance with Robust Business Security Camera Systems

Rapid, comprehensive, and reliable surveillance keeps your employees safe and confident in their workplaces. Feel confident in your surveillance solutions with Viking Security, a new Protech Security partner. Bringing a combined 50 years of experience in implementing custom business security camera systems, we have merged the best of HD video surveillance, verification, convenient mobile monitoring, and robust access control. United, we provide comprehensive protection services, including installation, inspection, monitoring, and security design and engineering.

Our team is experienced in helping clients identify any security-related gaps they may have, and in providing flexible and scalable systems. We’ll work with you to choose the right solutions for your business every time so everyone in your building feels secure. Connect with Viking Security in Central Florida today for comprehensive video security systems that keep your employees, customers, and assets safe.

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