Keep Your Company Secure: The Keys to Avoiding Business Break-Ins

Keep Your Company Secure: The Keys to Avoiding Business Break-Ins

Keep Your Company Secure: The Keys to Avoiding Business Break-Ins

Running a business is hard enough without worrying about being burglarized. There’s nothing more unnerving and upsetting than arriving to open up for the day to find a mess of broken glass and missing money, supplies, and equipment. But how can you go about avoiding business break-ins?

Businesses prove to be a prime target for thieves, since they tend to keep large amounts of cash on hand. Stolen goods and equipment are perfect for sale on the black market. If burglars constantly have an eye out, looking for easy marks, how can owners go about avoiding business break-ins?

Much like preventing break-ins in a residence, there are steps that businesses can take to deter would-be thieves. With the proper planning, you can make your company or small business a much-less-attractive target to burglars looking for an easy opportunity to line their pockets.

Put Burglars in the Spotlight

One of the easiest steps to avoiding business break-ins is to simply install proper lighting. Criminals have ample opportunity to strike in areas where they can’t be easily spotted. If your staff shuts off all the lights when closing up for the night, this provides a way for burglars to move around inside your business without being seen from the outside. Install security lights that remain on all night long, providing passersby and police an easy view of what’s happening inside the building.

Don’t neglect your exterior lighting, either. Ensure that any access point into the building — windows and especially doors — are well-lit all night long. This will make it easier for passing citizens or police on patrol to notice when someone is up to no good. Similarly, keep all entries to your building well-maintained and easy to see. Don’t allow them to become obstructed by trees, shrubbery, or trash dumpsters that could provide thieves the perfect cover to gain entry while remaining unseen.

Keep Valuables Locked up Tight

Burglars don’t usually wander into your business for the very first time during the actual break-in. Typically, they’ll case your building, meandering past and peering in windows or maybe even visiting as a “customer” to get a look at unsecured targets on the inside. Send a clear message to would-be thieves by storing all of your valuables in a safe. Large amounts of cash should be locked away during the day. Also, consider making regular deposits to the bank so that you aren’t keeping lots of money on-site.

If you’re going to have a safe, make sure you do it right. Purchase one that’s fire-resistant as well as burglary-resistant. Safes are rated according to the kind of valuables that will be stored inside, so be sure to purchase the right one. Also, make sure to have it installed properly. Even the best safe is useless if it’s not bolted down.

Avoiding Business Break-ins with Electronic Access Control

A theft doesn’t always happen in the form of thieves going through your business and leaving a hail of broken glass and destruction. Sometimes money, supplies, and equipment simply go missing. Particularly if you have an entire team of employees coming and going from secured areas of your business, it can be tough to pinpoint who had access to an office or safe from which valuables have disappeared.

Electronic access control systems help you take charge and keep track of who gains entry to various areas of your business. You can allow entry by specific people at specific times. Most importantly, access logs keep track of everyone who enters and exits, as well as at what time. If something goes awry, these logs can help give you a better idea of how security to your business was breached.

Speaking of Security …

The most effective way of avoiding business break-ins is to get a professionally-installed security system. A comprehensive security system is more than a simple burglar alarm. In addition to door and window sensors and electronic access control, a security system gives you the ability to see and control virtually everything inside your business when you’re away.

The most convenient feature of today’s commercial security systems are the notifications. Sensors on cash drawers and safes can notify you on your smartphone when those items are being accessed. Alerts let you know when certain doors are opened or closed.

Mobile security is more than just notifications, however. Arm/disarm your alarm or even lock/unlock doors from afar. Automation allows you to control things such as the lights and thermostat, as well.

For the ultimate in commercial security, a customized surveillance camera system will deter thieves as well as record any incidents that occur. For the ultimate peace of mind, you can access your camera feed remotely to check in at all hours of the day and night.

A comprehensive commercial security system is an important part of keeping your company safe and running smoothly. You worked hard to build your business; it makes sense to protect it from criminals who would burglarize and damage it.

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