How Home Water Sensors Protect More Than Your Pipes

How Home Water Sensors Protect More Than Your Pipes

Discovering a broken or leaky pipe can be a nightmare for a homeowner. Even a small, seemingly innocuous leak can cause a large amount of damage as the water pools and spreads. In fact, according to Esurance, water damage due to burst pipes is the second-most filed insurance claim in the U.S. With that fact in mind, it makes sense to invest in home water sensors that will enable your home security system to monitor for leaky pipes.

Small Leak; Big Problems 

All too often, homeowners don’t take steps to protect against leaky or broken pipes, thinking of them as a mere inconvenience. This is a mistake. If a pipe bursts in an area that isn’t easy to see, the leak could go on for hours or even days before it becomes evident. If the leak is upstairs, the first sign could be a bulge in the ceiling – meaning that by the time the leak is discovered, untold amounts of damage has already been done to the floor and ceiling in that area.

A leak in the basement can be even more devastating. Even though a basement leak is seemingly innocuous, ongoing water buildup can create moisture, mold, and can even seep down and damage your home’s foundation. This is why many homeowners are utilizing home water sensors and their home security systems to prevent water damage

What Are Home Water Sensors?

A home water sensor is a tiny device that can detect the presence of water and send an alert long before you realize a leak is happening. One of the wonders of home security automation, these types of sensors can notify a homeowner where water has been detected and can even be programmed to shut off the water as soon as a problem is evident. 

Home water sensors should be installed anywhere water leaks are a possibility. This includes under kitchen and bathroom sinks – one of the most common places where pipe mishaps occur. They should also be installed under appliances such as washing machines, hot water heaters, and refrigerators with ice makers and water dispensers. 

Although you may not think of an HVAC unit as a source of water leakage, should the drain pan overflow, damage can happen fast. Installing a home water sensor next to the pan ensures that you’ll know immediately if something goes wrong. Finally, it’s essential to install home water sensors in your basement. A common area for water to appear (whether due to burst pipes or water intrusion from the outside), the basement is one of the primary areas where these types of sensors can save you lots of time, money, and headache. 

Technology to Combine with Home Water Sensors 

In order for home water sensors to be effective, you’ll need to tie them into your home security system so they can instantly alert you when water is detected. Depending on the type of setup you have, you can program the sensors to simply notify you when a pipe bursts or springs a leak, or the system can be programmed to shut off the water until the leak can be addressed. The latter can be particularly helpful if you’re away from home and unable to shut the water off yourself.

If you live in an area where the temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below in the winter, frozen pipes are a concern. To prepare for winter weather and potential winter storm outages, it’s helpful to install temperature sensors that will notify you if the temperature in a particular area of your home falls to a level that could put pipes at risk of freezing and bursting. Experts recommend making sure all areas of your home stay at 55 degrees or above during the winter.  Likewise, if you have an area that must remain cool – like a refrigerated storage unit – the sensor can notify you if the temperature gets too warm.

While people often think of home security systems as burglar alarms and glass break detectors, environmental hazard detection equipment such as home water sensors can be an integral part of keeping your family and property safe. With today’s smart, automated systems, you can keep an eye on your home like never before – protecting it from intruders, fire, water, and more. 

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