Don’t Be a Target: The Keys to Discouraging Home Break-Ins

Don’t Be a Target: The Keys to Discouraging Home Break-Ins

Don’t Be a Target: The Keys to Discouraging Home Break-Ins

They’re the words that every homeowner dreads: “Your home has been burglarized.” A complete home security system is key, but there are also measures to take to help with discouraging home break-ins.

While it’s important to have strong doors and windows that will physically keep out a thief, discouraging home break-ins is the absolute best defense. Unfortunately, certain homes make tantalizing targets for criminals. They look for homes surrounded by dark entryways and convenient places to hide. Open windows and unsecured sliding glass doors provide easy access in and out. Homes that are noticeably empty or that lack a security system are also tempting.

A large part of theft prevention is deterring criminals from stopping at your home in the first place. These five tips will send thieves looking elsewhere for a likely mark.

1. Security System Installed Here: Just Keep Moving, Criminals!

A professionally-installed security system won’t just keep thieves out, it will make them think twice about trying to come inside in the first place. A proper security system will sound when any of its sensors are triggered, whether they’re hooked up to an entry door, garage door, window, or motion detector.

Not only will a security system make a loud noise that’s quite inconvenient for a sneaky thief, it will also immediately alert the authorities and the homeowner that a sensor has been triggered. The last thing a criminal wants is a higher likelihood of getting caught, so they tend to target homes without a home security system in place.

2. Discouraging Home Break-Ins By Securing Everything

When a thief steals something from your home or yard, they’ve typically driven by or looked in the windows a bit to case your property and see what might be easily stolen. Don’t make yourself a mark!

This means not leaving unsecured valuables (or evidence of them) lying around. Chain up bikes or store them in the garage. Don’t leave expensive computer equipment or jewelry in areas where they’re easily spotted through a window. When you buy a new TV or appliance, don’t leave the boxes outside before garbage pickup day.

Two other things nearly everyone does that makes them easy targets is hiding keys outside (thieves are smart and will check under your doormat and in the planter) and publicly bragging about upcoming trips on social media. Try a keyless entry and ratchet those Twitter settings down to private — or post those beach photos once you return.

3. Secure All Doors and Windows

A big, heavy front door with a deadbolt is a great theft deterrent. However, do you have a flimsy sliding glass door around back? Do you frequently keep certain doors and windows open in order to make the most of cool breezes or allow pets to roam in and out?

If so, it’s worth looking into properly securing those entry points — both to ensure that they’re not compromised when you’re not home, as well as to ensure that no one enters while you are there. Put security and glass break sensors on all glass doors and windows. If you like to keep certain ones open a bit, you can customize the sensors so that they only sound if the door or window is opened beyond a certain point.

4. Keep Landscaping Well-Maintained

One of the most common things thieves look for is a home with ample shrubbery, trees, or other landscaping to provide a convenient place to hide from the view of passing cars or neighbors. For this reason, keep everything well-trimmed and away from the house.

This means that shrubs should be kept very low in front of windows, and none of them should be high enough to block the view of your entryway from the street. As for trees, keep them maintained so that none of their branches reach upper story windows to provide access points to more acrobatic criminals.

5. Know Your Neighbors

Speaking of keeping your home visible to passersby and neighbors, get to know your neighbors. That way, everyone will know if a car or person seems out of place. Exchange cell phone numbers so that you can be in quick contact if something seems off. Even better: start a neighborhood watch. A wonderful way of discouraging home break-ins is to have a cohesive group of neighbors patrolling and observing. Stand together and remain safe!

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