A True Investment: Analyzing the ROI of Commercial Security

A True Investment: Analyzing the ROI of Commercial Security

A True Investment: Analyzing the ROI of Commercial Security

Purchasing a commercial security system comes with many obvious benefits. It’s a deterrent to those who would break into your business or attempt to harm anyone present there. Taking the time to ensure proper security also sends the right message to your employees and customers because it tells them that you value their safety.

There’s another aspect to this investment that business owners often don’t recognize: the ROI of commercial security. Let’s take a look at the many ways that a well-planned security system can help you increase your bottom line.

The ROI of Commercial Security

Keep Tabs on Assets

Security measures such as access control help ensure that not just anyone can come and go, especially in your warehouse or storeroom. This will help you keep track of the time deliveries arrive, as well as when employees access areas where products and other assets are stored. Your access control system can also send out an alert any time a secured area is accessed in an unauthorized manner.

Secure Your Data

In many businesses, valuable assets go beyond stock and cash; it also includes data. This could be data that’s integral to the running of the business — things such as architectural plans or coding for software — or it could be sensitive customer data that could be targeted by thieves. Either way, part of the ROI of commercial security is locking down data assets that would devastate your business should they be lost or stolen.

The Human Element

When factoring in the ROI of commercial security, keep in mind that a professionally-installed system can help eliminate the need for security guards to watch over your business. Access control, sensors on doors and windows, and video surveillance can help keep an eye on your business 24/7 so that you don’t have to have someone on staff to do so.

Another way that commercial security can help with your bottom line is through reducing financial losses due to human error. If the inventory numbers are off or the total in a cash register isn’t what it should be, video surveillance allows you to go back and see what went wrong. Sometimes, the problem will be employee theft. All too often, however, the issue is a need for additional training to correct ongoing errors that are costing you money, whether it’s a restaurant employee using an overload of ingredients or a cashier failing to understand how to properly ring customers up.

Disaster Preparedness

If a fire breaks out or a pipe breaks and causes flooding, it can do more than simply inconvenience you. When a disaster strikes, it can shut down your business and cost you time, money, and even customers. That’s why having a system that includes fire monitoring, temperature sensors, flood detectors, and even video surveillance is important. This ensures that when a disaster strikes, the right personnel will be notified right away. It also gives you the ability to check in on your business remotely to ensure that all is well.

Situational Awareness Security Control Systems (SASC) offer another layer of disaster security, providing an instant connection between your business and the security monitoring center in the case of a robbery or active shooter situation. SASC systems can share real-time video and audio feeds with monitoring center staff, as well as rescuers arriving on-scene. This helps police and medical personnel properly assess the situation to understand how best to respond to keep everyone safe and secure.

Although a comprehensive commercial security system does require an initial expense, from protecting your employees and customers to preventing loss of assets and helping with disaster preparedness, the ROI of commercial security can truly be a valuable one.

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