10 New Crime Statistics You Need to Know

10 New Crime Statistics You Need to Know

10 New Crime Statistics You Need to Know

Per new crime statistics, crimes such as burglaries occur every day, and some homes are at a greater risk of being targeted than others. Burglaries take place all the time; however, that doesn’t mean homeowners should think it is inevitable.

Therefore, to protect your home, you need the right measures in place.

Home security is currently a critical concern for homeowners in the US. To get a better understanding of why, we’ve compiled some new crime statistics.

Not only this but we’ve also added some quick steps and safety tips you can consider to secure your home.

10 New Crime Statistics You Need to Know

1. A Home Burglary Takes Place Every 18 Seconds

According to a report by the National Center of Victims of Crime (NCVC), a home is burglarized every 18 seconds in the US. The figure translates to almost 4,800 burglaries every day. These are clearly shocking statistics that highlight the need for a professional home security system in every household.

2. Burglars Consciously Avoid Homes With Professional Security Systems

According to a report by the University of North Carolina (Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology), almost 60% of burglars have said that the presence of a professional home security system deterred their decision to target a home. Therefore, homes without professional home security systems are three times more vulnerable to burglary than homes with professional home security systems. Get a home security system to reduce the chances of your home getting burglarized.

3. 65% of Burglaries Take Place Between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M.

Many homeowners believe that burglaries take place during nighttime. However, the same is not true. Most burglaries occur between 10 A.M. to 3 P.M., as homeowners are away during this time (most homeowners are at work or school). Therefore, install motion-detection home security cameras to monitor your home throughout the day.

4. 34% of Burglars Use the Front Door to Enter a Home

Burglars prefer the front entrance to get entry into a home. Therefore, homeowners must keep the front door secured at all times. If the door is old, replace it with a sturdy door and solid locks. Alternatively, you can secure the front entrance by equipping it with security cameras and motion sensors.

5. Homeowners Are at Home in Nearly 3 out of Every 10 Burglaries

Homeowners who are inside their homes during a burglary face lifelong trauma. According to the US Department of Justice’s crime victimization survey, a household member is present during 28% of burglaries, and 7% of these victims were subjected to violent crimes.

6. Approximately 30% of Burglars Enter a Home Through an Unlocked Door or Window

Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unsecured door or window. Not only this but burglars also use the first floor doors and windows to gain entry inside a home. Therefore, ensure you secure all entry points, even when you are at home.

7. 9% of Burglars Enter Through the Garage

Burglars know homeowners store valuables in their garage. Therefore, 9% of burglars target the garage to gain entry inside a home. Ensure you secure your garage door or repair it if it’s broken.

8. Burglaries Increase by Almost 10% Between June and August

70% of burglaries take place during the summer months: June to August. The relatively warmer weather and more people away on vacation is the reason for the rise in burglaries during this period.

9. The Average Loss From Burglary is a Little Over $2,000

The most common items stolen include cash, electronics, jewelry, drugs, and guns. So, instead of losing almost $2,000, isn’t it better to install a high-end home security system? There’s a home security system for every home based on your needs and requirements.

10. Your Bedroom is at a Higher Risk of Being Burglarized Than Other Areas of Your Home

Per the American Society of Criminology, in dual-story homes, burglars bypass the living rooms and target the bedrooms on the upper floor. Rather than taking away bulkier items such as the television, they target smaller, valuable items.

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