Enhancing Integrated Security with Visitor Management for Schools

Enhancing Integrated Security with Visitor Management for Schools

Enhancing Integrated Security with Visitor Management for Schools

Few topics capture the attention of a wider audience than that of school security, and for good reason. Over the last decade in particular, the subject of making our schools safer without disrupting the learning environment has garnered opinions from nearly every segment of our society, from parents and students to politicians and activists. And while there might be some disagreement on the details, there is one common consensus: schools should be the most safeguarded places in our society.

Fortunately, many schools across the country have responded to this need. For example, between 2019 and 2020, 97% of schools reported implementing physical access control, while 91% had integrated security cameras to some degree (up from only 61% in 2009-2010). While this progress is encouraging, many schools can take their security solutions one step further by integrating visitor management. Visitor management for schools is one method that can bolster almost every other aspect of your security approach, including video surveillance, access control, notifications, and emergency response.

Integrating Visitor Management with Video Intercoms

One of the most critical aspects of any school-based security strategy is the monitoring of entrance points. In years past, video surveillance alone has been used to keep an eye on the comings and goings of visitors, particularly on K-12 campuses. But today, the integration of visitor management and video intercoms provides a more sophisticated and fool-proof approach.

Imagine the following: when a visitor checks in, the security system triggers the associated video intercom. This provides staff with a live feed of the individual at the entrance, allowing for visual verification. On top of that, the intercom system allows the staff and the visitor to communicate before access to the building is ever granted. This empowers staff to dictate who may gain entry to the school, granting access to parents and authorized personnel, while keeping out anyone that may seem suspicious. The automatic recording of footage also allows for time-stamped visitor logs, which can be invaluable post-incident.

Enhancing Access Control with Visitor Management

Once a visitor completes the check-in process and is approved, an integrated visitor management system for schools can grant temporary access to specific areas of the campus. This helps ensure that visitors only enter authorized locations. For example, a parent or guardian picking up a child for an appointment may be restricted to the front lobby area, while a substitute teacher would have much broader access.

With dynamic access control, the procedures for each visitor may be approached on an individual basis. It also provides a platform for centralized control and monitoring from a safe location, which enhances efficiency and enables staff to respond to rapidly changing situations.

Enabling Faster Notifications for Staff and Parents

The integration of video intercoms and visitor management for schools also provides the benefit of enabling faster notifications for staff, parents, and students. When a visitor checks in, the system can automatically trigger notifications to be sent via email, text, desktop notification, or app notifications. This means that staff, faculty, and security personnel are alerted to the presence of visitors in real time.

For parents and students who are on campus, this can also extend to certain notifications going out through dedicated communication systems. For parents, this can help foster transparency and visibility into who has regular access to their children’s school. For students, it can be a useful way of knowing when a planned visitor (such as a presenter) has arrived on the premises.

Optimizing Emergency Response Time

Finally, by integrating visitor management for schools into your overall security system, response times to both emergency and non-emergency situations can be drastically reduced. This is due, in part, to the benefits we have already discussed: immediate notification, enhanced communication, and quick identity verification. But it can also enable further actions, including:

  • Automation of emergency protocols
  • Real-time location tracking
  • And data analytics for continuous improvement

All of these factors combine to deliver a swift and coordinated response in order to maintain a safe and controlled school environment.

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