The Importance of Cloud Storage in Managed Video Systems

The Importance of Cloud Storage in Managed Video Systems

The Importance of Cloud Storage in Managed Video Systems

Almost a decade ago, most businesses used video surveillance systems to review security incidents or view live footage. However, today, many businesses are using managed video systems comprising robust video surveillance tools to minimize losses from fraud and theft and enhance the overall safety and security of their customers and employees. 

At the same time, businesses are also leveraging technology solutions such as the cloud to streamline application management, reduce IT costs, and build a flexible and safe infrastructure. With cloud video surveillance, all your surveillance footage is stored on the cloud. 

Research shows that the global video surveillance system market was valued at $52.45 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit $90.37 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 9.31% between 2021 and 2026. More and more businesses are using video surveillance due to the increasing need for physical security, combined with the use of cloud-based services for centralized data.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance Systems

Until a few years ago, with limited video surveillance system options on the market, businesses were using Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) systems. These systems required hard drives, servers, and a long list of hardware to function properly. Nevertheless, with the recent advancements in cloud technology, they are considering moving to cloud-based video surveillance solutions.

With cloud storage, you can easily access the video surveillance system and footage without any physical equipment. Since all the footage is stored in the cloud, you can access it anytime, from anywhere. In the case of DVRs and NVRs, the remote access option is generally unavailable. You need to physically access the video surveillance locations to view the footage. 

Cloud storage helps in centralizing all video cameras and footage into one solution providing great customer experience and flexibility. 

Cloud Storage Can Help in Reducing Video Surveillance Hardware Footprint

Traditional video surveillance systems come with complicated installation methods since a variety of hardware is involved. Moreover, once the system is installed, you also need to invest in its maintenance. Research shows that video surveillance hard drives typically stop functioning after 5 years, even with adequate maintenance.

With cloud storage, you can eliminate the need for servers, DVRs/NVRs, hard drives, and other related hardware, reducing the overall hardware footprint. This can save your business both money and time.

Cloud Storage Can Eliminate the Risk of Data Loss

As already discussed above, since cloud-based video surveillance has minimum hardware requirements, there is no risk of the footage getting damaged or lost. Even if the video surveillance systems get damaged or fail, you can access the footage without any hassles.

Cloud Storage Is Flexible and Scalable

Cloud-based video surveillance solutions are more flexible and scalable than traditional solutions. For instance, if you need more storage, you can request an upgraded storage plan. Moreover, since cloud-based video surveillance systems do not require any extensive equipment, they are more scalable and do not require any on-site installation.

Cloud Storage Makes It Easier to Save and Share Footage From Security Cameras

In the case of traditional video surveillance systems, saving and sharing footage from security cameras can be a daunting and costly affair. Some traditional video surveillance systems only allow you to store clips for a brief period. With cloud-based video surveillance systems, you can save unlimited clips and footage without the need for additional servers. Not only this but cloud-based video surveillance systems come with more bandwidth and provide better video resolution.

Cloud Storage Is Cost-Efficient

Cloud storage solutions provide massive amounts of storage for lower monthly fees and reduce upfront costs for businesses like yours. Cloud storage cuts the overall hardware-related expenses.

Cloud Storage Can Be Regularly Updated

Upgrades are critical to ensuring the proper functionality of a video surveillance system. WIth cloud-based surveillance systems, upgrades and updates happen seamlessly. Since cloud-based surveillance systems require minimum equipment, they are easy to implement, maintain, and upgrade.

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