Keeping an Eye on Everything with Video Surveillance

Keeping an Eye on Everything with Video Surveillance

Keeping an Eye on Everything with Video Surveillance

As today’s commercial security systems grow ever more technologically advanced, an increasing number of business owners are installing video surveillance to help keep a watchful eye on their businesses. Cameras come into play in a wide variety of industries, from cannabis businesses who are legally required to have video surveillance to smart libraries and retail stores that use cameras to monitor traffic at specific times, as well as keep track of which areas get the most use by customers.

In addition to tracking customer traffic and keeping a watchful eye on employees and guests, cameras also act as a strong deterrent to criminal behavior. Police agree that when cameras are in use, not only does it increase the chance of having usable footage to find a suspect and prosecute a crime; the mere presence of the cameras is a great crime deterrent

Many business owners also find that cameras provide a layer of protection that goes beyond criminal behavior such as theft. They’re an effective way to ensure that employees are following all policies and procedures — something that’s important in retail and restaurants but especially essential in heavily-regulated industries such as cannabis and pharmacies. They also offer documentation of any accidents or unexpected incidents that may occur on your property, which is especially helpful should someone file a lawsuit or need to fill out a police report.

Where to Place Video Surveillance Cameras 

If part of your business New Years Resolution was to upgrade your security system with commercial video surveillance, it’s always an excellent idea to work with a professional security provider to install your cameras. They’ll ensure that you’re using the right kind of cameras, are covering all the necessary areas, and that everything is working properly. 

Security experts will recommend that you install cameras to cover specific key areas of your business. For example, your entrances, exits, and reception areas should be under video surveillance in order to monitor who comes and goes. There should also be cameras covering workplaces including sales floors and cash registers. In addition to this, ensure that all offices, supply rooms, and warehouses are under surveillance to protect your cash, sensitive data, and your stock. 

Most security providers also suggest video surveillance of dark and secluded areas of any commercial property. This includes hard-to-see areas inside the workplace, as well as parking lots, loading docks, and all exterior entrances and exits.

Using and Maintaining Your Video Surveillance System

Your commercial security installer will walk you through all aspects of using your business’s video surveillance system, from remote monitoring of each camera to capturing and saving footage when necessary. After you’ve learned how to use your system, it’s important to do scheduled checks to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

On a regular basis, it’s recommended that you trim back all exterior landscaping that may be obscuring camera views or rendering them less effective. It’s also necessary to clean all camera lenses — especially exterior ones. If a camera is dirty, use compressed air to blow away any large debris and a microfiber cloth to wipe the lens clean. Check all exterior camera housings to make sure they are clean and water-tight. Do a walkthrough of all cameras — interior and exterior — to make sure their cables are securely connected and that none of the connectors are corroded.

If you are unsure of how to perform any of these tasks or simply don’t have the time, your commercial security provider can help. A camera that isn’t functioning properly is one that won’t be recording when you need it most, and working with an experienced commercial security company will ensure that your video surveillance is working at all times to keep your employees, your guests, and your business safe.

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