Small Business Security: Remote Access Solutions for Small Businesses

Small Business Security: Remote Access Solutions for Small Businesses

Small Business Security: Remote Access Solutions for Small Businesses

One of the biggest challenges for a small business owner is the need to be present 24 hours a day to keep things running smoothly. The most successful entrepreneurs soon learn that they can’t do it all; in order for your business to expand and thrive, they have to be able to step away and allow trusted managers and employees handle things.

This isn’t to say that a business owner should ever be disconnected when they’re away. In fact, remote access solutions for small businesses are keeping small business owners better connected than ever before. Today’s smart small business security systems provide an amazing combination of connection, convenience, and peace of mind.

The 3 Pillars of Remote Access Solutions for Small Businesses

1. Security System Controls

Years ago, the only way to arm/disarm a security system was to type a code into the main control panel installed inside the business property. This type of system created concerns about employees forgetting to arm the system upon closing or disarming the system and entering after-hours for dishonest purposes.

Today’s commercial security systems have changed all of that. A business owner can arm or disarm their security system remotely with just a tap on their smartphone. Even better, a monitored commercial security system can send you a notification if the system has been disarmed, alerting you if someone is entering the premises at an hour that seems suspicious.  Better yet, your security system can include schedules for automatic arming and disarming, ensuring no one forgets to protect your business.

2. Access Control

Before remote access solutions for small businesses were put into use, business owners used the lock-and-key method to secure their business and assets. If they couldn’t arrive to open the business or stay long enough to close things down at the end of the day, they’d have to designate a trusted employee to carry a key and do it for them.

This held the potential of many problems, from employees losing keys to them making copies and having access long after they no longer worked for the business. In addition to creating security vulnerabilities, it was also costly every time a business owner had to have their locks rekeyed.

The access control devices that can be tied into many commercial security systems eliminate manual locks, physical keys, and endless hours of worry. They allow employees to enter using a typed-in code, a card, or a key fob. Should any questions arise, these types of systems can log which employee entered and at what time. They’re also useful for securing specific areas of a business against everyone except authorized individuals (a system frequently used by pharmacies to protect controlled substances).

3. Video Surveillance

One of the 5 Keys to a Successful Business Security Plan, video surveillance is a must for any security system. With today’s remote access solutions for small businesses, video cameras do more than just watch; they can be remotely monitored by business owners and even law enforcement authorities should an incident occur.

Commercial video surveillance protects your business on three levels: first, it’s a deterrent for criminals and dishonest employees. Second, it provides useful evidence in case something unexpected happens — whether a break-in occurs or someone injures themselves while on your property and you need to verify what happened. Finally, remote monitoring of video feeds via your computer or smartphone gives you the assurance that customers are being treated nicely, everything is being handled appropriately, and all is well even if you can’t be at your business to make sure of this in person.

It’s quite a conundrum: having an owner actively involved in a business a definite requirement for success, but they also have to be able to step back and give up a bit of control to a team of trusted employees in order to grow. With remote access solutions for small businesses, business owners can have the best of both worlds: spending time away while having the peace of mind that they can still be present should something unexpected happen.

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