Investing in Alarm Verification in a COVID-19 World

Investing in Alarm Verification in a COVID-19 World

Investing in Alarm Verification in a COVID-19 World

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced several businesses around the world to shut down, especially those in the food and travel industry. While some businesses have completely shut down their operations, others have shifted to remote working, as 88% of organizations have encouraged employees to work from home.

Many commercial spaces and office buildings are unoccupied, and they are more vulnerable to burglary, theft, and fire than ever.

Therefore, whether you are partially operating from your office or completely remote working, investing in alarm verification is the need of the hour.

Why Investing in Alarm Verification is Critical Right Now

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in alarm verification to keep your business safe:

There’s a Shortage of Police Personnel on the Streets

According to Police1, a reliable law enforcement publication, many law enforcement agencies are facing a shortage of staff. More police personnel are calling helplines as they are facing stress due to the pandemic. Two helplines for police personnel, Cop2Cop and Copline, have reported an increase in the number of calls they are receiving for law enforcement offices every day. On the one hand, Cop2Cop reported 2,700 more calls in the first eight months of the pandemic, and on the other hand, Copline witnessed a 74% increase in calls. Therefore, law enforcement agencies are struggling and making plans on how to operate with limited staff to keep the surrounding safe.

Your Business is More Vulnerable to Crime Than Ever

Many businesses, such as bars, cinemas, restaurants and salons, have been forced to close for an undefined period. This has paved the way for burglars and thieves who are constantly looking out for such opportunities. 

How Investing in Alarm Verification Can Help

Businesses investing in alarm verification systems, such as activated audio or video verification, are less susceptible to crimes. Experienced professionals operating the alarm verification central system can clearly distinguish between false and genuine alarms. After verification is complete, they immediately relay the information to the police personnel for urgent action. Therefore, ensure the following systems in your commercial space or office premises are working properly while you are working from home:

  • Burglar/fire alarm – You can contact your service provider to ensure the burglar and fire alarm systems are connected properly and working fine. You can also monitor the status of both burglar and fire alarms on the main control panel. 
  • Security cameras – You can make your alarm verification system more effective by installing surveillance cameras. Carefully assess the areas in your office that need security cameras. The front door and empty hallways are two vulnerable areas. 34% of burglars enter through the front door. You can also consider installing video verification systems at the main entrance. Surveillance cameras can help professionals verify the authentication of a burglar or fire alarm. According to an article on the New York Times, 94% to 98% of alarm calls in the U.S. are false. Also, false alarms account for 10% to 25% of all calls to police.

Temporarily Stop Mail Deliveries or Divert Them to Your Home

While it may not look like a critical action point right now, believe us, it is more critical than you think. Unattended mail piled up outside your workspace can attract burglars and make it obvious that your office is empty. Therefore, consider temporarily suspending the mail deliveries or diverting them to your home.

Still Working From the Office? Train Your Staff to Use Alarm Verification

From the front desk staff to executives, ensure your entire staff is trained to use burglar and fire alarms and security systems. Encourage managers to organize training on alarm verification and surveillance systems for their direct reports.

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