Cloud-Based Commercial Digital Video Surveillance

Cloud-Based Commercial Digital Video Surveillance

Cloud-Based Commercial Digital Video Surveillance

Even though some organizations continue to rely on older technology for digital video surveillance, cloud-based systems are replacing traditional systems. Advanced cloud-based commercial digital video surveillance or video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) has come a long way.

According to research, the VSaaS market is expected to grow from $45.5 billion in 2020 to $74.1 billion by 2025, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 10.4%. These systems comprise a wide range of advantages over their traditional counterparts. Research shows that 9 out of 10 organizations are using cloud technology for video surveillance.

Many organizations with traditional video surveillance systems are also converting their older systems to cloud-based commercial digital video surveillance systems. These systems typically cover cloud storage, cyber security, management alerts, remote viewing, and video recording.

Therefore, it’s time you should consider them too to enhance the overall security of your commercial property with more affordable and effective cloud-based commercial digital video surveillance.

Why You Should Consider Cloud-Based Commercial Digital Video Surveillance for Your Organization

Organizations are leveraging cloud-based systems for more than mere security and video surveillance. Applications, emails, networks, and storage — organizations are moving everything to the cloud with no hassles at all.

In terms of security and video surveillance, many organizations are making the most of cloud computing to protect data and improve the overall security of their commercial properties.

Remote Management

One of the main benefits of cloud-based commercial digital video surveillance systems is that they provide you with native remote accessibility and management options. You no longer need to invest effort, money, and time in configuring servers for a remote connection. 

With cloud-based commercial digital video surveillance, you can access the video surveillance system from anywhere and view live/recorded feed per your convenience and requirement. All you need is a web browser. Your organization can leverage existing user authentication systems to provide users with access to multiple types of entries. 

System administrators can remotely manage access for employees and manage the digital video surveillance system 24×7; no in-person management is required. Remote management is especially important in the current pandemic scenario where zero-touch and social distancing are the new norms. 

Greater Performance

With cloud-based commercial digital video surveillance, you do not need to worry about processing-power-related issues. Irrespective of the data rates, number of video surveillance cameras, notification rules, and data analytics algorithms, these systems always have the required processing power. Therefore, organizations do not need to invest a lot in buying servers based on the required performance of the commercial digital video surveillance system; they can always scale up as and when required.

In simpler words, you can customize the performance of a cloud-based commercial digital video surveillance system per your requirements. 

Easily Scalable

Another benefit of getting a cloud-based commercial digital video surveillance is scalability. Whether you’re looking at increasing the number of security cameras in your commercial property or growing your business across multiple locations, scalability is never an issue with cloud-based systems. You can scale the cloud as much as you want, unlike on-premises video surveillance systems.

Unique Analytical Capabilities

Cloud-based video surveillance provides organizations with the opportunity to explore a host of analytical capabilities. Organizations can choose from:

  • General analytics
  • High-specialized analytics

You can also apply analytics to individual IP cameras or video management solutions per your requirements. 

How to Determine If the Cloud is Suitable for Your Organization

Commercial video surveillance systems never come with one-size-suits-all solutions. Moreover, despite all the advantages listed above, cloud-based systems may not be a good option for your business. Therefore, your budget and the cost of implementing a cloud-based commercial video surveillance solution are two factors you should carefully evaluate when considering them for your organization.

An open-platform, hybrid cloud-based video surveillance solution comes with cost savings. It allows you to use your existing security cameras. It also provides you with the option of subscription-based billing.

Moreover, hybrid cloud-based video surveillance solutions also allow you to utilize affordable local storage. If you do not already have a commercial video security system in place, deploying cloud-based commercial video surveillance will be less costly.

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