Why You Need a Wired Alarm System

Why You Need a Wired Alarm System

Why You Need a Wired Alarm System

When it comes to selecting the right home security alarm system for your residential property, choices on the market can be overwhelming. Wireless alarm systems are popular on the market these days; however, many homeowners still prefer a wired alarm system. After all, when it comes to ease of use, durability, and reliability, wired alarm systems come with a host of benefits for homeowners. Here’s why more and more homeowners are choosing wired alarm systems over their wireless counterparts.

How a Wired Alarm System Works 

Unlike wireless alarm systems, wired alarm systems communicate via wires, running through different walls in your house. 

Wired alarm systems comprise multiple hardware components and require professional installation. Each sensor is connected to the central panel using cables and wires that run around door frames and skirting boards. These systems use telephone lines to operate and communicate.

Even though the way wired alarm systems work is not as modern and technologically advanced as their wireless counterparts, they come with various benefits for homeowners.

Wired Alarm Systems Are Easier to Maintain

Even though the amount of maintenance required can vary from one wired alarm system to another, most wired alarm systems on the market are easier to maintain than their wireless counterparts. 

The initial setup may require some time and effort; however, once the internal wiring is complete, the system requires bare minimum maintenance. Moreover, the components of a wired system are easily available on the market. Therefore, even if one or more components are not functioning as they should, you can easily find them and hire professionals to replace them.

Wired Alarm Systems Are More Reliable

Unlike wireless alarm systems, wired alarm systems do not rely on wireless connectivity or Bluetooth to function. Therefore, they are more reliable. For instance, with wired alarm systems, there will be no hassles during the next 3G sunset. Some 2G/3G cellular carriers have already planned their next 3G sunset dates in the last few months of 2021.

In the case of wireless alarm systems, radio frequencies from other wireless devices, such as remote controls or baby monitors, can jam the whole system, or trigger false alarms. Even hackers can manipulate these radio frequencies to gain unauthorized access to the wireless alarms system. With wired alarm systems, you will not face such interference issues.  

Wired Alarm Systems Are More Secure

In the case of wired alarm systems, the central control panel is typically protected with a heavy-duty metal case and lock. Some wired alarm system models also comprise a keypad design that allows users to hide the central control panel in an area where it cannot be easily accessed.

Wireless alarm systems do not contain any wires. Therefore, they are typically not secured using protective cases.

Wired Alarm Systems Are More Affordable

The main difference between the cost of wireless and wired alarm systems comes from their installation and maintenance. Even though wired alarm systems are costlier to install, their maintenance is more cost-friendly than the maintenance of wireless alarm systems, as their components are readily available on the market.

Wired Alarm Systems Don’t Run Out of Power 

A wired alarm system will not run out of power easily unless there is a power outage. Even in the case of a power outage, a reliable wired alarm system can function using a backup power system. Wired Alarm Systems Can Cover Larger Areas Inside Your Home

Wired alarm systems do not depend on sensors to stay connected to the central control panel. Therefore, they can protect larger areas of your property and offer greater protection.

Wired Alarm Systems Can Use Wireless Functionalities

That’s right. Wired alarm systems can use wireless sensors, thanks to their hybrid functionality. It makes them more versatile than wireless alarm systems. However, please note that you’ll require the help of a professional system integrator for setting up the wireless functionality. 

Hybrid alarm systems combine the reliability of wired alarm systems with the advanced features of wireless alarm systems to offer enhanced security solutions for your home.

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