What to Look For in a Complete Home Security System

What to Look For in a Complete Home Security System

What to Look For in a Complete Home Security System

A complete home security system is vital in today’s day and age. Security systems have been around for decades, though modern technology has made it possible for homeowners to have a higher level of protection, thus delivering greater peace of mind.

Understanding how to shop for a complete home security system can ensure that all features have been embraced. You may not even realize how important it is to have a feature until you learn about the various issues that can occur.

Looking to install a complete home security system? Here’s what you need to know.

The Advances in Home Security

Modern technology has provided an array of new features for a complete home security system, including the use of mobile control apps. With an app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you have the ability to arm and disarm the security system in your home. If you have cameras installed in the home, it can also allow for video verification.

Video verification allows you to monitor what’s going on inside your home with a mobile device. For example, if an intruder enters your home and sets off an alarm, you can view a live video and determine if it is a false alarm or if you need to alert the authorities that there is, in fact, an intruder within your home.

With the use of video, it may also help to solve the burglary case. In 2014, only 13.6% of burglaries were solved. If you are able to catch the burglars on camera, however, it can provide more information for the police to go on.

There are various features you want to look for to create a complete home security system. Missing some features could leave you vulnerable to burglaries or the high costs of a false alarm.

Security and Event Monitoring Services

You want to do all you can to ensure your home is safe at all times. Many people make the assumption that the majority of break-ins occur at night. The reality is that most burglaries take place between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm because many people are at school or at work, reducing the chances of a burglar being noticed by neighbors. Through the use of motion-activated cameras, however, there is the ability to check on your home throughout the day. An alert can be sent to your mobile device as well, telling you if a camera has detected any kind of motion. This will allow you to monitor events and enhance security.

Medical Monitoring

A complete home security system can also provide medical monitoring. In the event something happens to you or a family member, calling for help becomes imperative. Your security system can make it easier to call 911 and get the help you need. A medical alert pendant can be worn giving you access to first responders with the push of a button. Other alternatives include devices with two-way audio, allowing you to speak to a 911 operator to let them know of the emergency. This can speed up the time in which first responders can arrive on the scene.

Advanced systems also contain wireless wall communicators that can be placed where you need them the most — bathrooms, bedrooms, and even out by a pool.

Home Control

With mobile control, the power is literally in your hands. This is because of the use of modern apps and whole home automation that allow you to use apps to not only control your home’s security, but also lighting, thermostats, and more. When leaving the home, you have full control over what happens on your property.

You can become more energy efficient and have greater security over your home, whether you are inside your home, at work, or on vacation. It is simply a matter of having the right system in place and utilizing modern apps.

Fire Detection

What happens if there is a fire inside your home? The average security system contains motion-activated cameras and sensors for windows and doors. It doesn’t connect with smoke detectors or fire alarms, which means that you are not utilizing all of the sophisticated technology that is readily available. Just as home control is possible, so is smoke and carbon monoxide detection. The various monitors within your home can connect and integrate with your security system, providing you with even more coverage.

If you are not home, you want to be told of a fire being detected within your home. This will allow you to call the house to find out what’s going on if you know that people are there. You could check in on the situation for yourself with the use of cameras. But most importantly, if smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide is detected, first responders will be dispatched immediately, even when you are not home to make the call yourself.

Through the use of mobile monitoring apps and a higher level of technology, you can have the security you need to enjoy peace of mind. The tools can help you and each of your family members feel safer when they are in the home as well as out.

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