The Equipment You Need For an Automated Security System

The Equipment You Need For an Automated Security System

The Equipment You Need For an Automated Security System

Today’s home security systems aren’t just burglar alarms; they’re automated security systems that take advantage of the latest in smart technology. Many years ago, you’d set your security system, lock your front door, leave, and hope for the best. If the alarm went off while you were away, you’d have no insight into what (or who) set it off.

Modern home security technology is different. Today’s systems feature automated door locks, high-tech security sensors, and cutting-edge security cameras. Here’s how each of these parts come together to complete the entire automated security system picture.

Automated Security System Door Locks

Automated door locks give you ultimate control over your home. They’re an amazing tool, allowing you to ensure that everything’s secure at all times when you’re at work or traveling on vacation. Did you remember to lock the patio door before you left? When your door locks are automated and tied into your automated security system, it’s easy to check and find out.

This is also a convenient technology to use when you’re at home. Automated door locks allow you to button up everything tight before you go to bed at night without wandering from one end of the house to the other.

Security Sensors

In the past, security sensors on doors and windows simply let you know if one had been opened by alerting your monitoring service. With an automated security system, alerts can be sent right to your smartphone, immediately letting you know which door or window was opened.

In addition to door and windows, sensors can also be installed on cabinets and drawers that contain items such as medication or weapons. This is particularly useful in a household with elderly family members, young children, or teenagers. This type of technology takes safety to the next level, allowing you to keep track of what’s going on at home when you’re away.

Should you receive a notification that a door, window, or cabinet has been opened unexpectedly in your absence, your next step will be to check your home security cameras to see if anything is wrong.

Camera System

Surveillance camera technology just keeps improving, and today’s security cameras are better than ever. They allow full visibility into what’s happening in and around your home.

This is the case inside and outside, as well as during both daytime and nighttime. Moonlight technology in today’s cameras allows for crisp and clean imaging in low lighting conditions. They also feature technology such as 3D motion detection. Unlike old motion detection cameras that would activate if a leaf or snowflake blew across their view, 3D motion detection can sense between the movement of a large, notable object and something small and insignificant.

If your automated security system alerts you that something unusual has happened at home, you can easily check a live stream of your camera system via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Rather than playing a guessing game (“Did someone break in through the back door or did one of the kids arrive home and forget the alarm passcode?”), surveillance cameras give you instant answers and peace of mind.

Professional Installation is a Must

Each piece of an automated security system needs to be professionally-installed in order to work properly by itself, as well as to work seamlessly with the system as a whole. Having a professional install automated door locks and sensors will ensure that they function properly and don’t create false alarms. Meanwhile, an experienced security expert will make certain that your camera system is designed to capture all angles necessary to optimize your home’s security, in addition to working correctly.

With all pieces of your automated home security system in place, you’ll be able to lock things up tight, receive alerts if something unexpected occurs, and look in to check on things from afar. In addition to security, this will allow you to rest easy — whether you’re traveling or falling asleep in your newly-secure home each night.

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