Is That Summer Breeze Putting Your Home at Risk for a Break-In?

Is That Summer Breeze Putting Your Home at Risk for a Break-In?

Is That Summer Breeze Putting Your Home at Risk for a Break-In?

Summer is here! The skies are blue, the weather is hot, and many people are opening up their homes to let the sun shine in.

There’s nothing quite like cracking open all your windows and doors and letting that cool air flow throughout your home.

Yes, as Seals and Crofts said, that summer breeze does make you feel fine. But does it also put your home security at risk?

Things loosen up in the summer, but you never want to be too light and airy when it comes to the safety of your home and family. Keeping windows open while you’re out enjoying the beautiful weather or while you sleep may be convenient (and help you save on cooling costs), but it can also make you a target.

Thieves aren’t just looking indicators that people are planning to go on vacation — they’re also looking for lackadaisical home owners who are offering easy access to their houses and garages.

But with a good home security system, you can bask in the sun and keep your house safe and secure. Stop worrying about your valuables and focus on those breezes blowing through the jasmine of your mind.

Don’t Have an Open-Door Policy

This one may seem obvious, but it’s rather common for people to leave a back- or side-door open to help ventilate their homes while they work in the yard or run errands. And while you probably have a screen door in place, you might have forgotten to lock it. Now a burglar can quietly and easily slide in and out of your home in a matter of minutes.

Not that a locked screen door offers complete protection anyway. A quick knife swipe can tear through the screen and give that thief easy access to the lock, and thus your home.

But you don’t have to be on complete lock-down. By utilizing a home security system you can monitor every door in your house, whether you’re in the backyard, at the mall, or on the beach.

You can get an alert anytime someone opens — or tries to open a door — and with motion detectors or advanced home surveillance cameras, you can always know who’s coming and going. And you don’t have to sit there staring at your smartphone or tablet. The sensors and cameras will record everything, alerting the authorities when necessary, while ignoring false alarms.

Windows Are Access Points

Everyone leaves windows open sometimes, right? Who’s going to climb through a window in broad daylight, and how could anyone even get to the upstairs windows?

Today’s criminals are smarter, faster, and bolder. If you give them easy access, they’ll find a way to get to it. Burglars frequently use windows for entry points, and, no, it doesn’t matter if there’s a screen in place or if the window is high above the ground.

But, like with your doors, you don’t always have to keep windows shut and locked. Better home security systems will allow you to crack a window and keep the system armed. If the window is then lifted above or below the preset, triggered vented point, the alarm will sound and you’ll be alerted.

Thieves Target Garages, Too

Burglars aren’t just out for jewelry and electronics. Sometimes they’ll swipe power tools, sporting equipment, or even the loose change in your car! The easy answer is, again, to keep everything locked up, but sometimes you have no choice but to keep your garage door open.

We all know garages are hotboxes in the summer, so maybe you want to keep things from overheating. Or maybe you have pets who spend much of their time in the garage. Whatever the case may be, you should never assume that it’s “just a garage” and that no one would want to enter it — especially if the garage is connected to your house.

If you must keep your garage open, at least keep it safe. Utilize motion detectors, sensors, and/or video surveillance and make sure no one takes off with that brand new set of golf clubs, or rides off into the sunset on your riding lawnmower!

Automate and Monitor it All, Remotely

Yes, you still need to follow these tips and secure your home and valuables when you’re in the yard, working around the house, or fast asleep in your bed. Criminals act fast and can strike right under your nose.

But you need to take extra precautions when you’re away from your home. You know that your home security system will keep you safe in an emergency and stop issues before they become major disasters. However, your home security solution can offer so much more.

High-tech features like video surveillance, geofencing, and medical monitoring are now easy and affordable to install, giving you as sense of security at all times. And with remote access, you can control your home security no matter where you are. Not only that, you can control lights, locks, appliances, thermostats, your garage, and more, from your phone, tablet or wrist!

So get out there and have some hot fun in the summertime. Your home security system will make safety and security a (summer) breeze.

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