Stop Security Breaches With Business Access Control Solutions

Stop Security Breaches With Business Access Control Solutions

Stop Security Breaches With Business Access Control Solutions

The physical security of your business is one of your top concerns. The last thing you want to do is allow someone who shouldn’t have access to your building to come through the door. Because of this, you need to implement business access control solutions.

Unfortunately, there are some things you simply can’t prevent. Lost keys, an employee who decides to come in at an off time to commit vandalism or theft, and other issues can crop up quickly.

Here’s the good news: with business access control solutions, you won’t have to worry about those issues anymore.

Maintain 24/7 Access Control

There are times when you simply can’t be physically present at your building. Even the best security guard occasionally takes a restroom break, and having someone to guard the entrance — even if only during business hours — can get expensive fast! But with business access control solutions, you can keep control over who goes into your building 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No more worrying about what will happen when you can’t physically be at the building yourself. Risk can occur at any time. That means that you need to control access to your building all the time, too, and with quality business access control solutions, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to do exactly that.

Streamline Management

There are times when you need to be able to react quickly in order to change permissions or shift the people who are allowed in and out of the building. From tracking visitors to ensuring that you can change permissions quickly when someone is fired, an employee is disgruntled, or you need to offer someone more access than usual, business access control solutions allow you to streamline the management process. With these systems, you can change permissions at any time, from anywhere — the perfect solution for all of your security needs, no matter how they may change over time.

You’ll also love the fact that you’re able to see who has come and gone every time a door is opened. Is a particular employee lingering in an area where they shouldn’t be? Has someone accessed an area with a guest when they shouldn’t have? When you utilize business access control solutions that monitor the comings and goings throughout your company, you’ll experience immense peace of mind simply because you’ll never have to wonder what’s been going on while you aren’t there.

No More Keyed Locks

There’s nothing more dangerous than a keyed lock for your business’s security. Unlike personal doors, you can’t just keep the keys to yourself. Every employee who needs access to a particular room will end up with a copy of the key — and they may not keep those copies to themselves. With self-serve kiosks at every hardware store, it’s the work of just a few minutes to make an additional copy no matter how well-labeled the key might be. Worse, coworkers might pass their keys off to someone else without ever thinking about what else might be on the keyring. Not only that, anyone who has a key to a room or a building can enter it at any time, no matter when they’re actually supposed to be there.

Electronic access systems remove the threat of key locks. Instead, you have the option of card-based or fob-based systems that grant access only when an employee is specifically supposed to be in a particular location. You can limit it by individual and by time as easily as configuring a specific person’s access. If a key card or fob is lost or stolen, it’s easy enough to remove that access and replace the card with a new one. You’ll never have to replace the locks because of a lost set of keys again!

Professional Business Access Control Solutions

Using a trusted, professional security provider to manage your access control assures that everything is done properly. You’ll know that there’s someone you trust in command of all of your business’s critical systems. Whether you choose to keep a hands-on approach or to leave the bulk of the control in the hands of that security professional, you’ll know that the only people who have access to any part of your building are the people who are supposed to be there.

Your security system is your business’s best line of defense against threats from the outside and threats that arise from within. From disgruntled employees or former employees to visitors who have no right to be in your building, a quality security system will help keep them all out.

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