Protection Playbook: The Importance of Video Verification and Home Monitoring

Protection Playbook: The Importance of Video Verification and Home Monitoring

Protection Playbook: The Importance of Video Verification and Home Monitoring

Anyone with a security system has experienced the following scenario. You’re far away from the house. Maybe you’re at work and are headed into an important meeting. Perhaps you’re even farther away from home and have just settled into a beach chair with a frozen drink on your long-planned vacation.

Either way, what happens next is the same. Your cell phone rings, and it’s a call from your home security monitoring company. “We’ve received an alert that the glass break sensor on a living room window has gone off,” they say. “Should we send the police?”

Do you or don’t you? Based on that little bit of information, you’ll probably want the police to go check things out just in case. The result is often a nail-biting wait for 45 minutes until law enforcement calls to inform you that it was a false alarm.

If you’d had a home surveillance system with video verification, you could have had answers immediately — saving you loads of stress and saving the police from wasting an entire hour.

Who Can Benefit from Video Verification?

Anyone with a home security system can benefit from the peace of mind provided by having access to video verification. With cameras trained on common home entry points, you can quickly check in to see if someone has tried to break in or is loitering around outside or peeking into your house. They also give you a way to visually check in if you receive a security notification on your phone. For instance, video verification will quickly allow you to see that a smoke detector was triggered because an appliance fire has broken out in the kitchen and yes, you will be needing the fire department right away.

Video verification is also particularly useful for households with younger or elderly family members, as well as pets. It gives you an easy way to keep an eye on your teenager’s comings and goings while you’re not home. Video monitoring can also afford ill or older family members the independence of being left alone for a portion of the day while still allowing you to watch over their safety and well-being. If you worry about your pets when you’re away, a quick check on the live video stream via your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen will put your mind at ease that Rover is behaving himself and isn’t eating your brand-new couch.

Video Verification: A World of Functionality

One of the biggest reasons people love having video verification as part of their home security systems is that it gives them the ability to validate the reason behind a security alert right away. Is there really a fire, or is a smoke detector malfunctioning? Did someone actually break in through the living room window, or did your cats set the glass break sensor off by sending a vase crashing to the floor during a particularly wild game of chase? Video verification gives instant answers so you don’t have to play a stomach-clenching waiting game.

A video surveillance system also gives you the ability to check in on your home at any time from anywhere. Log on to reassure yourself that everything’s ok even if you’re halfway around the world enjoying wine and a baguette in Paris. If you notice something is awry, you can record video clips to be analyzed or used as evidence later. You can also customize your video verification settings to automatically record whenever they sense movement in an area.

Whether you have vulnerable family members, love to travel, or you simply spend long hours away from home and at your office, video verification gives you a way to stop the guessing game and know what’s going on at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s not just an investment in home security; it’s an investment in your peace of mind.

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