Protection Playbook: Staying Connected and Secure With a Professionally-Installed Wireless Home Security System

Protection Playbook: Staying Connected and Secure With a Professionally-Installed Wireless Home Security System

Protection Playbook: Staying Connected and Secure With a Professionally-Installed Wireless Home Security System

Everyone wants their home to be safe and secure, but not everyone wants to pay a professional to install a home security system. Some people try to piece their home security systems together as a DIY project using items they find in stores or order online. They do this in an attempt to save money or because they assume that a professionally-installed system will be too complex or require lots of drilling and cutting into walls to run wires.

The problem with DIY home security systems is that they’re often disjointed — with the separate pieces unable to communicate with one another — which means they don’t cover the entire home security picture. When you bring in an expert to design and install your home security system, all bases are covered – from fire and carbon monoxide monitoring to video surveillance, home control, and monitoring of doors and windows.

Another plus? Today’s technology brings us the wireless home security system, meaning that all parts of your system communicate seamlessly with no need for a landline phone.

When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, a professionally-installed wireless home security system should be part of every homeowner’s playbook. Here are a few things to know about the benefits of these types of systems.

The Benefits of a Custom-Designed Fire and Evacuation System

According to, a fire can go from a small problem to a major disaster in less than 30 seconds, filling a house with smoke or suffocating smoke in a matter of minutes. When it comes to house fires, it’s essential that your family be notified quickly and have a plan of escape. That’s why it’s important that a fire and evacuation system be a part of your family’s home protection strategy.

Fire detection and monitoring as part of a wireless home security system are essential, as their functions go far beyond that of a stand-alone smoke detector that you simply stick to the ceiling. The fire detectors that are connected to your security system will do more than simply make a noise to alert anyone in or near the house of a fire; they’ll also send out mobile alerts to designated people. If you’re at work and have teenagers that might be in their bedroom wearing headphones or sleeping through a smoke alarm, for example, mobile alerts keep you connected and help you avoid having a disaster unfold at home. Having a monitored system also ensures that rescue personnel will be on the way in a timely manner to respond if a fire breaks out.

A fire and evacuation system also includes an evacuation plan that allows everyone in your home to get out and away from danger. Should your wireless home security system detect smoke or a fire, it’s important that every family member know what to do. This includes designating family members to help evacuate very small children, elderly family members, or pets. It also includes choosing a safe place outside of the house where the entire family will gather to ensure that everyone is accounted for.  

Fire safety is a serious matter, which is why having an expertly-installed and monitored wireless home security system is so important.

The Importance of Video Verification and Home Monitoring

Another aspect of today’s wireless home security systems is that they provide the opportunity to take advantage of video verification and monitoring your home remotely via the web or your mobile devices. These features allow you to check in on children who may be returning home from school, their caretakers, as well as elderly family members who may suffer from dementia or other health problems.

Video surveillance also gives you the ability to take a look around inside or outside of your home if your alarm system goes off. Did a cat knock a book off of a shelf, causing a crashing noise that set off a sensor, or did the alarm go off because someone broke your front window? With video verification, there’s no more guessing-game; you can immediately find out if you’re dealing with a false alarm.

Video verification systems provide a wide variety of options when it comes to checking in on your home and family from afar, as well as keeping it secure when no one is home. In addition to being able to log on to your computer, tablet, or smartphone and actually see what your security cameras see, you can choose from various recording options. Record video clips or set your cameras to automatically begin recording when they sense motion. Whether you want to catch your teenagers in the act of throwing a party or hope to catch a thief’s face on camera so that police can apprehend him, video verification technology takes wireless home security systems to the next level.

Why You Need a Quality Security Alarm Monitoring Service

Having a fire or burglar alarm that makes a noise to attract notice is nice, but in many cases, it’s not enough. In a world where there’s constant noise and alarms sounding, a burglar could come and go from your home long before anyone hears or notices the alarm. That’s why having a local security alarm monitoring service is a key part of every wireless home security system.

Wireless notifications work to alert you when something unusual is happening at your home, but what if you’re away from your phone and don’t get the alert? When you work with a security alarm monitoring service, help will be on the way no matter what. Having a locally-monitored security system means that rescue personnel response will be accelerated — ensuring that they’re on the scene within a very short period of time.

Another useful aspect of having a security alarm monitoring service is the ability to provide medical monitoring for elderly family members or other loved ones. They can activate the system via a waterproof pendant or an emergency wall communicator. This enables older loved ones to live independently or spend time alone at your home without concerns for their safety if a medical emergency should arise.

Obtaining Total Home Control with a Wireless Home Security System

A professionally-installed wireless home security system will also give you total home control. In other words, you’ll be able to operate many items in your house without leaving the couch … or even from your beach chair while you’re away on vacation.

One of the keys to total home control is home automation with Z-Wave devices. This gives you the power to operate your lights, blinds, thermostats, door locks, and more from afar. Did you go to work and forget to turn on the air conditioner for the dog? Adjust the thermostat from your smartphone screen. Turn your lights off and on to make it seem as though someone is home, even when you’re hundreds of miles away visiting the in-laws for the holidays. You can also connect your Z-Wave devices with an Amazon Echo for the ultimate in in-home convenience.  

Your wireless home security system also gives you the ability to keep your family safe from afar. If you leave to go to the store and forget to arm the security system, you can pull over and do this from your car, as well as check in on your video cameras to make sure everything’s ok. Another important aspect of total home control is geofencing. This technology allows you to connect your security system to your loved ones’ cell phones, alerting you when they leave the house or when they return. This is excellent for parents who like to know that their kids have arrived home on time.

For a Winning Home Security Strategy, Don’t DIY

While you can achieve things like smoke detection, medical monitoring, and video surveillance with separate devices, it’s nearly impossible to have them function as one seamless unit unless you work with professionals to install a wireless home security system. With all of your devices working together as one, you’ll have the ultimate in home security, total home control, and convenience.

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