Mobile Control and Video Surveillance for Smart Home Security Systems

Mobile Control and Video Surveillance for Smart Home Security Systems

Mobile Control and Video Surveillance for Smart Home Security Systems

Technological development has made smart home security systems more efficient than ever. Mobile control and video surveillance are currently the most popular advancements in the smart home security space. 

On the one hand, mobile control or mobile technology allows users to better control, access, view, and manage home security by simply installing home security software on their mobile phones. Research shows that 76% of home products are already being controlled or monitored by smartphones

On the other hand, video surveillance can greatly enhance the security of your home or commercial space. Strategically placed smart home security cameras and alarm systems can deter crime. The global video surveillance market, valued at $42.94 billion in 2019, is all set to reach $144.85 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 14.6% from 2020 to 2027

Therefore, by pairing mobile control and video surveillance, you can monitor your home or office, no matter where you are. Mobile control and video surveillance work hand-in-hand to keep your home protected. Almost three-quarters of home security system providers are selling interactive devices that can be controlled via smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Understanding Mobile Video Surveillance

Mobile video surveillance is powered by mobile surveillance applications that allow you to monitor and manage your security cameras using a smartphone or tablet. These feature-rich applications provide you with complete control over your home security. Many mobile video surveillance applications allow you to:

  • Manage multiple cameras at once
  • Control pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) settings
  • Access high-quality recorded footage remotely
  • View and assess recorded images
  • Rewind events

However, you need an IP address and internet to do so. Mobile control and video surveillance are suitable for homeowners who are also frequent travelers. 

How Mobile Control and Video Surveillance Can Help You

Mobile video surveillance does not require you to be present on-site for managing and viewing your video surveillance system. 

For instance, mobile video surveillance is great to have when you’re traveling. Irrespective of the number of smart home security cameras you’ve installed, you can remotely monitor them and receive instant notifications if your cameras detect tampering or motion. 

With some businesses opening up after months of working remotely because of the pandemic, many homeowners are juggling work and personal life; they need mobile video surveillance to monitor their kids and elderly people at home. Mobile video surveillance works perfectly with pet cameras, nanny cameras, pool cameras, and more. 

Also, with security cameras installed in your home, you can make the most of video verification. With video verification, you can monitor what’s going on inside your home, using a mobile device. If a burglar breaks into your home and sets off an alarm, you can watch a live stream to see if it’s a false alarm or whether you need to contact the authorities. The use of video can also assist in the investigation of the burglary case.

Surveillance on the go is one of the most convenient features of a smart home security system. In other words, mobile control and video surveillance are key to building a robust smart home security system.

With mobile video surveillance, you can:

  • View live stream: Real-time videos are one of the most popular features of mobile video surveillance systems. With a real-time camera feed, you can monitor your property wherever and whenever you want.
  • View recorded footage: Another benefit of mobile control and video surveillance is that you can view and assess recorded footage on your mobile device at your convenience. You can video the recorded footage and determine if it’s correct or not. You can also share it with law enforcement if you find something suspicious.
  • Receive images: You can configure your video surveillance system to share images to your mobile device via MMS or email if motion, tampering, or vandalism is detected. 
  • Manage video surveillance system remotely: You can also make the most of mobile access to modify the settings of your video surveillance system remotely. Many video surveillance systems comprise cloud services or web platforms that can be easily accessed from remote locations. These platforms allow you to configure and control the setting of your security cameras remotely.

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