How Commercial Video Surveillance Helps Keep Your Premises, Employees, & Visitors Safe

How Commercial Video Surveillance Helps Keep Your Premises, Employees, & Visitors Safe

How Commercial Video Surveillance Helps Keep Your Premises, Employees, & Visitors Safe

Advanced commercial video surveillance systems protect your premises, employees, and visitors from external and internal threats. Video surveillance has been shown to deter a large percentage of burglary attempts before they even happen. In the event that a burglary occurs even with video surveillance in place, the footage can help law enforcement to identify perpetrators, giving them a higher chance of recovering stolen property.

It’s important for every business to know the options for their video surveillance system and understand how commercial video surveillance can protect not just premises and property, but also employees and visitors, from crime.

Another common use of commercial video surveillance is in litigation and reducing insurance claims, as employees and visitors will not be able to falsely report they were injured on your grounds. This can be especially important for manufacturing companies to verify any workers’ incidents and continuously improve safety procedures.

How Commercial Video Surveillance Aids Businesses

No matter the type of property, every business should consider installing a comprehensive video surveillance system. Cameras can be placed anywhere your business requires more visibility, and you will not need to significantly modify your existing security infrastructure in order to install them. Discrete, easy-to-maintain cameras are one of the most effective and cost-friendly commercial security devices for preventing crime on your property.

When considering the addition of a new surveillance system to your security arsenal, you will first need to consider a variety of elements to create a system that suits your company’s exact needs, including the type of camera, type of storage, installation needs, additional features, ease of use, and maintenance procedures. You will also want to prepare preventatively for an event in which your cameras or servers go down and recording stops. A sound video management system (VMS) will help you mitigate network issues, software updates, power outages, and more so that your surveillance system is there when you need it.

6 Benefits of Commercial Video Surveillance

As established above, commercial video surveillance systems are a powerful, cost-effective line of defense against business theft and burglary.

Below are six additional benefits of video surveillance systems for businesses.

1.   Crime Prevention

With more than 2.5 million annual burglaries according to the U.S. Department of Justice, it is integral for businesses to utilize advanced commercial video surveillance technology to reduce the chance of being targeted, and allow for easier identification of perpetrators in the event of a crime. Many commercial businesses also face the potential threat of intellectual and physical property theft. Commercial video surveillance systems can deter employees from enacting theft, creating an overall safer business environment for all.

2.   Real-Time Video Recording

One of the most essential benefits of implementing a commercial video surveillance system is the ability to monitor key access points in real-time, and access footage recorded during any potential incidents later. Having security personnel available to monitor the surveillance system in real-time can ensure faster video verification in the event of an incident, leading to quicker law enforcement response times.

3.   Protecting Customers and Employees

Your most important assets are the people you hire to manage your business and perform essential tasks. Protect your personnel and visitors to your business with a high-quality video surveillance system that prevents unauthorized entry and criminal behavior. Having security cameras available outside of your business in areas like parking lots can further help employees and customers to feel secure on your premises and deter nefarious activity from occurring.

4.   Reduced Costs

Modern technology allows the most advanced video surveillance cameras to be smaller and more cost-efficient, while simultaneously enhancing night vision, clarity, and dependability. You will also be able to save costs on security personnel, as commercial video surveillance offers enhanced visibility with fewer necessary members of your security team.

5.   360-Degree Coverage

A central command center can help you manage surveillance in all your high-risk or accident-prone areas at once, in real-time. While designing your custom commercial surveillance system, think through even the most isolated areas of your premises with your security provider to ensure your business is protected from every angle.

6.   Evidence of Any Incident

While the presence of surveillance cameras can contribute to preventing potential crimes from occurring, recorded footage will also become extremely valuable in the event that a crime is committed on your premises. Footage can be used to identify criminals during a law enforcement investigation and produced in court proceedings as evidence. Video recordings are known to be some of the most compelling, decisive evidence in court. In fact, in most commercial criminal cases, judges make decisions based entirely on video evidence.

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