Stay Safe and Put More Money in Your Pocket: How a Home Security System Can Increase Your Property Value

Stay Safe and Put More Money in Your Pocket: How a Home Security System Can Increase Your Property Value

Stay Safe and Put More Money in Your Pocket: How a Home Security System Can Increase Your Property Value

You can’t put a price on the safety and security of your home and family.

That’s why so many home owners wisely protect their assets, valuables, and the people who matter most to them with a reliable home security system.

When you think home security, you think, “I’m going to keep my family safe.” You’re probably not thinking, “this is going to increase my property value.”

But the fact is, installing a home security system will increase your property value. Home buyers, especially young families, know that there’s no such thing as “too safe,” and many of them consider a home security system to be a key — if not necessary — feature.

Sure, people want open floor plans, eat-in-kitchens, and home offices. But making an improvement like that means you’re making a major investment. An investment that you might not completely get back when you sell your home.

But a home monitoring system doesn’t require a substantial investment, and it will certainly provide a return, even if you’re lucky enough to never have to deal with a home intrusion or natural disaster.

Again, you want reliable home security to protect your loved ones. But if you know your house isn’t your forever home, installing a home security system can also boost your property value and perhaps help you make that sale.

Here’s why.

You Can Automate Everything

Every home owner has had a moment when they were far away from home and found themselves wondering, “Did I remember to lock the door?” “Did I leave the lights on?” “Is the garage door closed?” Whether it was a hectic morning or simply a forgetful moment, we’ve all been there.

With an advanced home security system, you can utilize geofencing to secure your home and activate the alarm as soon as the last person leaves the house. Tie that in with remote home monitoring and control and you can access anything around the house — lights, appliances, thermostats, and more — from your favorite mobile device with a simple tap of the screen.

Now you don’t have to turn around and go back home; you can quickly and easily check on your house (and take care of anything you may have forgotten) no matter where you are. For many home buyers — particularly young ones who can’t live without their devices — this is an incredible incentive that will make your house more appealing when you put it on the market.

You Can Secure Every Area of the Home

Doors aren’t the only way thieves can get into — or that determined teenagers can get out of — your home. By installing window sensors along with the rest of your home monitoring system, you can provide an additional layer of security that sends an alert any time a window is opened above or below a certain point. Many people don’t think of this aspect of home security and having it in place can be a key selling point.

Another way home security systems enhance your property’s value is through motion-detecting lights. Nobody wants outdoor lights shining in their windows all night long, but if someone is lurking around outside, you’re going to want those lights to come on immediately. Not only that, if you have to go outside in the middle of the night to check on a noise or let the dog out, you’ll be less likely to trip over everything in your path! And when you do sell the house, the new owners will be appreciative of this extra layer of security and grateful for those lights as they learn their way around the driveway and yard.

Finally, video surveillance cameras are perhaps the most attractive home security option for home buyers. Despite being readily-available and affordable, many people think security cameras are only for the rich and famous. But anyone can take advantage of these technologies! When you have cameras around the house and yard — especially around highly-targeted areas like garages or doors that are concealed from the street — you’ll be able to monitor everything in real-time and in high-definition, any time you want, no matter where you are.

You Can Thwart Disasters

Nefarious people aren’t the only threats to your family and your property. Some of the biggest hazards you’ll face are carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, floods, and other natural disasters. You should definitely install smoke detectors in every bedroom, outside of each sleeping area, and on each floor of your house, and there should be at least one carbon monoxide detector per floor. With a home security solution, you can take that protection one step further by seamlessly integrating those detectors with the rest of your system, so you — and the proper authorities — get immediate alerts as soon as issues arise.

Keeping your family safe is your first priority. As potential buyers explore your home, they’ll be delighted to see all the lengths that you’ve gone to in order to provide the best security possible — for your family and now for theirs.

You Can Lower Your Insurance Rates

You’re reaping the benefits of a fully secured and automated home, and you’ve increased your property value. Talk about a win-win! But perhaps you’re not ready to sell right at this moment. How can you still reap the benefits of that increased property value?

By contacting your insurance company! Standard smoke or carbon monoxide detectors and dead-bolt locks can offer small insurance discounts, but a complete home security system can offer big discounts, potentially 20 percent or more! Reach out to your agent and see how you could start slashing your bill.

At the end of the day, a comprehensive home security system will accomplish its most important task: providing protection for you and your family. The investment is priceless, but it’s not without return. Knowing that the security system will increase your home’s value and potentially provide savings on your property insurance should give you all the incentive you need to install a new — or upgrade your existing — system today.

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