Home Automation for Pets: How Your Security System Can Protect Your Furry Friends

Home Automation for Pets: How Your Security System Can Protect Your Furry Friends

Home Automation for Pets: How Your Security System Can Protect Your Furry Friends

We often think of home security systems as providing protection for the human part of the family, but what about our pets? With today’s amazing technology, security systems and home automation for pets not only provide more safety for our four-legged friends, they also make life much easier for us humans.

A comprehensive home security system allows pet owners to know what’s going on with their pets when they’re not at home — something that particularly weighs on the minds of those with ill or elderly pets. It lets owners provide their pets with easy access in and out, even when no one is home. Home automation for pets also allows owners keep their pets more comfortable from afar.

How Does Home Automation for Pets Make a Difference?

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that a home security system outfitted with automation technology helps make pets more comfortable and gives owners peace of mind when they’re away.

Thermostat Control

Do you live in a climate where it can be quite chilly in the house when you leave for work in the morning, but where you need the air conditioning to cool things down as the temperature rises in the afternoon? Regular thermostats require you to set it and forget it, leaving your pets either too warm or too cold during certain parts of the day. Today’s smart thermostats are some of the most cutting edge technology in home automation for pets, as they allow you to remotely control the temperature inside your home. If Fido is starting to pant, simply turn the temperature down.

Pet Cameras

How will you know when Fido is starting to pant? Because you can see him via live streaming camera footage, of course! If your dog is older and you’re worried about him falling or getting stuck somewhere, a live camera feed from different areas of your home can provide huge peace of mind. This is also helpful if you have a younger animal who tends to be rambunctious and gets into mischief. Know what they’re doing when you’re not around!

Smart Lighting

Cats can see in the dark — or so the old saying goes. Dogs have pretty good eyesight, as well. However, as pets age, their vision starts to go. This is especially a problem in dimly-lit rooms. If you don’t want to waste electricity by leaving the lights on all day but are concerned with leaving your pets enough light to see by as the sun starts to set, smart lighting will be your savior. Set it to automatically turn on at a specific time each day. Even better? Using your mobile home automation app, turn the lights on for them whenever it starts getting dark out.

Motion Sensors

Having a pet door is hugely helpful to pet owners. The dog can come and go as it pleases, doing his business in the backyard and checking things out, while still having the freedom to go inside if it begins to rain or becomes too hot or cold. A big concern with pet doors — especially for owners with larger dogs — is having a thief use the door to gain access to the home.

The best way to prevent this is through motion sensors. Many people would be surprised to know that these sensors aren’t one-size-fits-all. Pet-friendly motion sensors are designed to detect the mass, speed, and patterns of movement of any being they sense in order to determine if it’s a pet or a human. This helps keep your home safe while eliminating false alarms.

Monitored Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be a part of every comprehensive home security system. It’s not enough that they are installed; they need to be monitored. This ensures that if a fire breaks out or if deadly carbon monoxide builds up in your home, authorities are alerted immediately so that pets (as well as any humans still inside) can be saved.

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