From Fires to Break-Ins, How Home Security With Built-In Wi-Fi Gives You Peace of Mind

From Fires to Break-Ins, How Home Security With Built-In Wi-Fi Gives You Peace of Mind

From Fires to Break-Ins, How Home Security With Built-In Wi-Fi Gives You Peace of Mind

Statistics show that when it comes to emergencies like burglaries and house fires, a monitored security system is the best way to protect your home and family. It deters criminals, alerts homeowners and occupants of unfolding problems, and sends emergency personnel to provide immediate help. Not only that, home security with built-in Wi-Fi can give you a truly connected home.

In the past, some homeowners were somewhat hesitant to get home security systems due to the sheer amount of work and expense required for installation. Older systems required a complex network of wires to connect the control panel to door and window sensors throughout the house.

Another problem? Home security systems used to operate off of telephone landlines. This was problematic for two reasons. If you didn’t have a dedicated phone line specifically for your security system, the line would be tied up during the initial minute or two after the system detected a problem. This meant that no one could use the home’s landline to dial out and talk to 911 operators. It also left properties vulnerable to enterprising burglars who knew how to cut the exterior phone lines and disable them.

Home Security With Built-In Wi-Fi

In today’s world of home security, wires are no more. Wireless home security systems make installation faster and more affordable, with no cutting holes or running wires required. This also makes it more convenient to install extra control panels or create additional security zones that can operate independently of each other.

Another change in modern home security? Telephone wires are also a thing of the past. Many of today’s security systems operate over the internet, rather than over a telephone landline. Home security with built-in Wi-Fi is good news for households that no longer have a landline and instead rely on cell phones. It’s also safer, as cable/internet service lines tend to be buried deeper and aren’t as accessible to criminals.

Along with wireless operation and internet-based monitoring, today’s home security also features total home control and automated functionality. This links your home security system via an app to any smartphone or tablet, putting you in control of it from anywhere. For additional convenience and safety, link Z-Wave devices to your system in order to remotely control locks, lights, and more.

The XLTplus is the New Wave in Z-Wave

The XLTplus from Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. is an all-wireless control panel, offering the ultimate in home security with built-in Wi-Fi. Its sleek and intuitive touchscreen design is easy to understand and even easier to use. The full-color screen features a convenient carousel menu that allows users to quickly scroll through the various functions. XLTplus FastProgramming makes the control panel a snap to set up.

The XLTplus also allows users to create up to 48 wireless zones. This allows homeowners to, for example, arm sensors and motion detectors downstairs in the evening while having the freedom to move around the upstairs areas of their home and arm that separate area before retiring for the night.

Another wonderful feature of the XLTplus is the VirtualKeypad app. Home security system apps let users take their control panel anywhere. Connecting the XLTplus control panel to the VirtualKeypad app gives homeowners an additional level of control. The app allows homeowners to operate Z-Wave-friendly accessories such as lights, door locks, and thermostats from afar.

Forget to turn all the lights off or arm the alarm before getting in bed for the night? The app allows users to do this with a tap on your smartphone screen. Go rushing out the door in the morning without locking the back door? The VirtualKeypad gives homeowners the power to lock and unlock doors from anywhere. It also notifies users of any problems that have been detected, empowering homeowners to immediately take action in the event of a fire or burglary.

Don’t Be Tied Down By Your Home Security System

Modern home security systems have improved by leaps and bounds over the past several years. With easy, wireless installation, integrated Wi-Fi functionality that makes telephone landlines a thing of the past, and intuitive control panels, there’s no longer any excuse not to install a comprehensive home security system. Complete home automation and mobile smartphone apps are an added plus that makes today’s systems a must-have. It’s never been easier to keep your home and family safe.

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