Apartments Need Protection Too: Security Tips for First Time Renters (and Property Managers)

Apartments Need Protection Too: Security Tips for First Time Renters (and Property Managers)

Apartments Need Protection Too: Security Tips for First Time Renters (and Property Managers)

When we think of home security, we often only think of freestanding homes. Apartments need security, too, and this is something to keep in mind whether you’re a first time renter or a property owner hoping to keep things safe for your tenants.

Just like a home, it’s in the property owner and tenant’s best interest for everyone to stay safe and secure. In multi-family dwellings such as apartment buildings, it can be difficult to keep track of the people who come and go. Is that new guy someone who is visiting, who just moved in … or is he up to no good? Because it can be hard to tell, securing each individual unit is the best way to provide peace of mind and keep tenants feeling safe and happy.

If you’re apartment hunting or have just moved into a new place, this list of security tips for first time renters will help keep you, as well as your possessions, safe and sound. And if you’re a landlord or property manager, these tips will help keep your buildings and residents secure.

Security Tips for First Time Renters (and Property Managers)

A Secure Building Is Best

The safest apartment buildings are ones that have an outer access control lock that only allows entry by residents and their visitors. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or have already moved into one, make sure this outer lock is always operational, as it’s your first line of defense against intruders.

Deadbolts and Peepholes Are Must-Haves

Next in the most important security tips for first time renters is making sure your individual entry is burglar-proof. Your door needs to have a strong deadbolt, as basic door handle locks are easily breached by the mildest of pushes. In addition to this, make sure the door has a functional peephole so that when someone comes knocking, you can see who it is — without opening the door.

Windows Provide an Attractive Access Point

Also, consider that any windows into your apartment offer a burglar potential access — especially if you live on the first floor. Make sure that they all have locking mechanisms or are secured with a metal grate. Security systems can provide window sensors, which will detect if a window is opened by a burglar, and glass break sensors, which will detect if the glass is broken during a break-in. Don’t leave valuable possessions such as computers, cash, or jewelry in plain sight of your windows; this makes you a prime target for thieves.

Don’t Forget Fire and Carbon Monoxide

In addition to securing your apartment against intruders, one of the most important security tips for first time renters is to protect yourself against a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. If your landlord hasn’t already installed them, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important items that no home should be without.

Smoke alarms should be located on the ceiling in the kitchen and outside of each bedroom. Carbon monoxide detectors should be situated at about knee-height near any appliance that uses gas, as well as near sleeping areas. Check the batteries monthly to ensure that all detectors are fully operational.

Install a Security System

The best of all of our security tips for first time renters? Have a security system professionally installed. In addition to providing monitoring for intruders, the system can be connected into smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to protect against those threats, as well. Note to landlords: having a security system pre-installed could be very attractive to potential tenants!

If your landlord is hesitant about you making modifications to your unit, know that modern, wireless security systems don’t require any of the drilling and running of wires that old systems once did. In fact, newer systems are so easy to install and remove that they’re a snap to take with you when you move somewhere else!

There’s no reason that just because you’re renting, you can’t be just as safe as you would be in a house. After doing a bit of homework and working with your landlord to make sure that your building and apartment are up-to-date, you can rest assured that your new home will be buttoned up tight and secure.

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