Always Know What’s Going On in Your House With Home Security Notifications

Always Know What’s Going On in Your House With Home Security Notifications

Always Know What’s Going On in Your House With Home Security Notifications

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone not carrying around a smartphone. Mobile technology and apps control everything from listening to music to finding a date to ordering a pizza. It’s only natural that mobile apps would be a part of controlling your home security system from afar, providing you with home security notifications right when you need them.

Now, a comprehensive home security system means more than simply having a monitoring center call you if your system registers a fire or a break-in. Today, home security means total automation and constant access to information about what’s going on inside and outside your house when you’re not there.

Home Security Notifications via Email or Text

While previous security systems only notified homeowners when something went wrong, modern “smart” systems keep you constantly in the loop via your smartphone. Receive a push notification when your kids arrive home from school, or when the handyman arrives to make a repair.

Notifications are 100% customizable, too. You can decide what type of triggers you’d like to receive notifications about. Preferences are easy to set up and use via an incredibly intuitive app.

What Sort of Things Can Trigger Notifications?

The options you can receive home security notifications for are endless. Door and window sensors combined with motion detectors are the most basic form of home monitoring from afar. It provides huge peace of mind to be alerted immediately if someone is in your home who isn’t supposed to be there, but it’s also reassuring to know that your kids’ babysitter has arrived home before the bus drops them off. Worry that someone might access your home via your garage door? You can receive notifications when it’s opened or closed, as well.

Doors and windows aren’t the only items in your home that can be fit with sensors and monitored. Outfit safes, medicine cabinets, as well as wine cellars and liquor cabinets (sorry, teenagers), and be alerted if any of them are opened when you’re not around.

Home security can also help you achieve safe and independent living for your elderly loved ones. Many people have heard of wireless devices that older people can wear to call for help if they take a fall. Did you know that home security systems can also track the movement of your elderly family member in and around the home in order to ensure that they’re staying safe and making good choices?

Sensors can alert you to the opening of exterior doors — especially important if a loved one is prone to memory problems or getting lost. You can also receive notifications to let you know if the refrigerator or medicine opens, which can be helpful to ensure that your loved one is eating and taking their medications on time.

Home Automation From Afar

Modern home security systems go far beyond just home security notifications, however. Home automation allows you to control elements in and around your home from anywhere. Geo-fencing installed on family member’s mobile devices (your teenager’s phones, for instance) will let you know when they’ve left for school in the morning. Remotely arm your alarm system once the house is empty. You can also remotely disarm the system if a family member or service technician arrives and needs entry. No one there to let them in? No problem! You can unlock your doors remotely, too!

It’s incredibly frustrating to lose power when the weather gets bad. If you’re at work all day, you could have older family members or pets sitting in a house that’s growing increasingly hotter (or colder if you have extreme wintertime temperatures). That’s why notifications for lost or restored power are helpful. You can also receive temperature notifications to let you know if the temperature in your home gets above or below a certain level.

Another real problem with losing electricity is returning home and not being certain how long your refrigerator was without power. Is that jar of mayonnaise still good, or is it potential food poisoning waiting to happen? Your smart security system can let you know if your fridge or freezer shoots above a certain temperature.

Do you have kids that toy with the temperature when you’re not around? Perhaps you have a visitor or family member who isn’t familiar with your thermostat system and has accidentally turned the house into a freezer. That can’t happen if your home security system is automated. Control your thermostats remotely or set thresholds for high and low temperatures so that things never get too out of hand. You can also receive alerts if anyone changes your settings or turns the thermostat system off.

From having a full knowledge of what’s going on when you’re away to being able to control lights, appliances, and the security system in your home from afar, today’s home security systems truly are technological wonders. They not only give you more peace of mind; they put you in full control of your home at all times.

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