Eliminate the Need for Onsite Servers with Cloud Storage

Upgrade Your Video Surveillance with Edge and Cloud Storage from ProTech Security

Video storage is a critical element in today’s commercial surveillance systems. Traditionally, any video stream generated by a security camera was transmitted and stored in an onsite standalone Network Video Recorder (NVR) system, which consisted of dedicated embedded hardware with built-in surveillance-specific software and storage media, typically hard disk drives (HDDs).

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The installation of NVRs, networking equipment, and software was expensive and maintenance and monitoring weren’t always easy or efficient.

That’s why ProTech utilizes cloud and edge storage. With cloud storage, video streams are transmitted and stored in a remote cloud storage space. With edge storage, video streams are stored in the IP camera itself, using a flash-based MicroSD memory card. This minimizes the need for continuous use of the network to transmit data to central on-site or offsite/cloud locations.

Edge storage makes it possible to design flexible and reliable recording solutions, optimize bandwidth usage, and lower the cost and effort for remote site recording. It offers an affordable remote site recording solution wherever bandwidth is limited or absent. High-quality images are stored on the camera SD card, replacing the need for an onsite server.

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